[ Home Measure & Consultation ]

It All Starts With The Measurements

Once you’ve decided you’re going ahead with your new kitchen, the first step is to book in a home measure and consultation with one of our experienced team of kitchen designers.

Our simple guide below will walk you through exactly what will happen on the day.

Using a digital tape measure, we will make a drawing of your kitchen’s shape. This will include any windows, doors and permanent fixtures (like pillars, balustrades etc.)

Getting an accurate height measurement is important for cookers and cabinets – so we will take a note of the ceiling’s shortest and tallest points for accuracy. We will also take the distances between your windows and walls and floors too.

As well as taking measurements, we will mark any old or new light switches and power points on the drawing, along with service points – like plumbing, gas or electricity and existing utilities, from boilers to sinks.

For a kitchen you’ll love forever, we will tailor it around the three P’s – people, purpose and passion.
People: How many people will be using it, day in and day out?
Purpose: What will its main use be; cooking, dining, entertaining etc.?
Passion: What do you love about your current kitchen, and what would you prefer to change?

Book Your Free Home Measure

We offer a free home measure and consultation service to every new client